The TML Canon

A full printed version of the TML Canon was published in 1999:

Thesaurus Musicarum Latinarum: Canon of Data Files. Publications of the Center for the History of Music Theory and Literature, vol. 1. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1999. liv,274 p. ISBN: 0-8032-8233-8 (paperback) $45.00
This edition includes the full text of the TML Introduction, the "Principles of Orthography" and "Table of Codes for Noteshapes ...," and a table of contents for the major series of texts found in the TML, with each treatise within these series keyed to its corresponding version in the TML. Following the prefatory material, the Canon provides for each separate edition a bibliographic record of the name of the author; title of the treatise; incipit; source of the text; the names of the individuals responsible for entering, checking, and approving the data; the name and location of the data file as it appears within the TML; the size of the file; and annotations identifying accompanying graphics (if any) and various other types of pertinent data.

Some parts of the TML Canon are also available as a PDF file.

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